Through clinical studies conducted at Midwest Clinical Research, we help advance development of new medications for gastrointestinal diseases. Before new medications can be placed on the market, they must undergo rigorous testing required by federal law. Clinical research studies such as those conducted at MCR represent an important step in this process.

At MCR, carefully screened volunteers are selected as program participants. Some will receive the medication being tested; others will receive a placebo. Participants are not told whether they receive the placebo or the drug study medication.

All costs associated with lab work, office visits and procedures are paid by pharmaceutical companies, and participants receive a small stipend to offset inconveniences associated with office visits and procedures. Participants must agree to terms of the study, including strict adherence to scheduled office visits and medication dosages and schedules, and are closely monitored by MCR healthcare professionals. All aspects of the study are confidential.

Without studies such as those conducted at MCR, new, safe and effective medications would not exist. We are proud of the role our patients play in advancing the progress of modern healthcare. Such progress allows Heartland Clinic to provide better care for our patients.