Evelyn Weber, RN

As research coordinator at Midwest Clinical Research, Evelyn Weber builds on more than 30 years’ experience in diverse aspects of healthcare. Her approach to patient care is built on a foundation of trust and genuine concern. “I try to develop a lasting rapport with every patient,” she says. “I make a very real effort to be aware of each person’s needs.”

In her work as research coordinator, Evelyn is the critical link between the patient and the companies conducting pharmaceutical studies. Study criteria require strict compliance. At Midwest Clinical Research, that is achieved through regular, thorough and deliberate communication with patients.

Friendly and a good listener, Evelyn is careful to impress upon patients the importance of committing to study visit schedules. “The study visits are set up by the research company and they are always very specific,” she says. “There’s a very narrow window of time when they can occur.”

As a registered nurse, she has worked in cardiac intensive care, emergency medicine and pre/post recovery. A member of the Midwest Clinical Research team since 1995, she is skilled in clinical research, insurance precertification, budgeting and contracts. She is a graduate of Lutheran Hospital School for Nurses in Moline, Ill., where she received an associate’s degree in Nursing.