"It is so important to have research facilities such as ours. Over the course of more than 30 years, Dr. Rao Movva has been able to develop a close relationship with the FDA which has allowed MCR to play a key role in many clinical research studies."

- Evelyn Weber, Drug Study Coordinator

Clinical Trials Information

Welcome to Midwest Clinical Research

New medicines for the treatment of disease are developed through a research process called clinical drug studies.  Without these studies, new, safe and effective would not be available to patients suffering from disease. Drug studies are vital to the process of finding new ways to better care for our patients. For this reason, Gastroenterology Consultants created a sister organization, Midwest Clinical Research Associates, LLC, which is devoted to participating in drug study programs for gastrointestinal diseases.

During a drug study program, a group of patients who meet very specific criteria are provided with new medications to treat their conditions. Some patients are given the study drug while others are given a sugar pill, called a placebo. Patients participating in the study do not know if they have been supplied the study drug or the placebo. Researchers then monitor the patients and compare the health of those taking the study drug to the health of those taking the placebo. Drug studies typically last several years.

The information gained from this research is submitted to the company responsible for developing the drug. The company then records the data and submits it to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for review.  After a large amount of data is collected, the FDA examines it to determine if the medication worked as predicted and if any patient experienced side effects from the medication.  If the medication worked well and did not harm the study patients, then the FDA approves the new medication and makes it available so physicians can prescribe to their patients.

All costs associated with the drug study from doctor’s appointments and procedures to medications are covered by the drug company. Patients also receive reimbursement from the drug companies for their time spent participating in these programs.  All patient information gathered during a drug study is confidential.